Peacing it Together!®: The Mosaic Project’s Musical Curriculum & Accompanying Activities

Curriculum Guide Cover

“Mosaic should be included in the curriculum of every school!”— Luis Suarez, Teacher

“Finally, the music and curriculum for the amazingly powerful Mosaic programs are available. Well-laid out and accessible, the book conveys the fun and spirited diversity, human rights, and conflict resolution lessons of The Mosaic Project’s Outdoor School and In-School Project in an easy-to-apply format. This work changes the lives of young people and their home and school communities. Pick it up and use it—you and your young people will soon be singing along and “peacing it together!”
Paul Kivel, educator, activist and author of I Can Make My World a Safer Place and Helping Teens Stop Violence, Build Community and Stand for Justice

Peacing it Together!®: The Mosaic Project’s Musical Curriculum & Accompanying Activities is made possible by the support of the JAMS Foundation and Philanthropic Ventures Foundation.

This curriculum guide includes our music CD, sheet music, and accompanying experiential activities. It teaches students (K-6) vital conflict resolution, social justice, community-building, diversity, and peacemaking skills, and supports them in developing the social and emotional competencies that are key to their success in the classroom and beyond.

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If you work with teens, you might be interested in Paul Kivel’s Helping Teens Stop Violence, Build Community and Stand for Justice.

“Teaching about social justice can be very challenging. Students, children and adults alike, may feel fearful and perhaps defensive when learning about issues of difference, prejudice, and social change. Our music helps to create a safe, comfortable, fun environment in which to explore these issues. It also helps us to reach students with varied learning styles in an experiential, emotional, and multi-sensory way.”
– From Peacing it Together!®’s Foreword by Brett Dennen, Singer/Songwriter and Co-creator of the Mosaic Musical Curriculum


  • Music and lyrics for each of The Mosaic Project’s 11 songs
  • The Mosaic Project’s CD
  • 18 lessons designed to accompany The Mosaic Musical Curriculum on themes including:
    • The Mosaic Values (Mutual Respect, Open-mindedness, Self Respect, Attitude, Individuality and Community)
    • Diversity
    • Empathy
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Interconnectedness
    • Peacemaking
    • Emotional Literacy
  • Experiential activities that include music, art, games, role plays, cooperative challenges, and extended group projects
  • Creative ideas for integrating Mosaic music into a wide range of classroom learning and pedagogy
  • Mosaic Class Meetings overview and suggested framework
  • Suggested Children’s Literature to accompany each song and theme
  • Correlations to the Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL) Standards
  • Children’s Glossary of social justice and conflict resolution terms

Extensive research shows that music facilitates learning and recall of information. With the Mosaic songs, children learn lessons in a fun and engaging manner that is reinforced every time they sing, whether in the classroom, on their way home from school, or after they brush their teeth.

Posters are a great accompaniment to our Curriculum Guide.

Praise for Peacing it Together!®: The Mosaic Project’s Musical Curriculum & Accompanying Activities

“Yes! The Mosaic Project has once again made yet another wish come true for people working with children. How exciting to now have access to this much-requested, comprehensive, and dynamic curriculum guide! It provides teachers with very purposeful activities filled with music, improvisational games, literature, and art that help impart to children a positive sense of self, along with tools to help them navigate our world and develop the desire to compassionately promote social justice!”
– Cindee McMahon, Classroom Teacher; Mosaic Participant


“Wendell Berry said that ‘It is not from ourselves that we will learn to be better than we are.’ The Mosaic Project proves that by bringing children, youth, and adults together to learn from each other. This curriculum connects the Mosaic experience to the wider world by bringing it to all of us. Creating a sense of community is a serious endeavor in this day and age when we need it so much. The creation of it, though, is best done by playing, singing, laughing, and sharing — together. I long for the day when these songs and activities are part of every classroom, family gathering, and staff meeting.”
– Laurie Frank, Author, Journey Toward the Caring Classroom


“I still to this day have the songs in my head, over and over teaching me these important lessons.”
– Lydia, Mosaic Student, Age 11


I can’t begin to explain how phenomenal your musical curriculum is… I’ve never seen a better way to teach kids the meanings of some very complicated words. Since our school is a social justice school, we make every effort to teach ideas like stereotyping, empathy, discrimination, etc. However, I’ve never been able to explain these terms so simply and perfectly until I heard your songs.”
– Natalee Bauer, 4th Grade Teacher, Mosaic Particpant


“The use of music is VERY effective. Your songs are WONDERFUL parts of the curriculum and will have lasting effect.”
– Lesley Bell, 5th Grade Teacher


“I think the songs are cool and can change the world.”
– Carlos, Mosaic Student, Age 9


“Thanks to The Mosaic Project, youth educators who are passionate about social justice now have access to step-by-step instruction to help them infuse their work with children with their deepest values. This excellent curriculum offers fun, concrete activities to teach children to empathize, resolve conflicts, celebrate differences, and discover their inherent value and the value of others. This curriculum should be required reading for every teacher, parent, and youth group leader!”
– Pippi Kessler, Director of Rowe Young People’s Camp