Peacing it Together!®: The Mosaic Project’s Musical Curriculum & Accompanying Activities

Curriculum Guide Cover

Mosaic should be included in the cur­ricu­lum of every school!”— Luis Suarez, Teacher

“Finally, the music and cur­ricu­lum for the amaz­ingly pow­er­ful Mosaic pro­grams are avail­able. Well-laid out and acces­si­ble, the book con­veys the fun and spir­ited diver­sity, human rights, and con­flict res­o­lu­tion lessons of The Mosaic Project’s Outdoor School and In-School Project in an easy-to-apply for­mat. This work changes the lives of young peo­ple and their home and school com­mu­ni­ties. Pick it up and use it—you and your young peo­ple will soon be singing along and “peac­ing it together!“
Paul Kivel, edu­ca­tor, activist and author of I Can Make My World a Safer Place and Helping Teens Stop Violence, Build Community and Stand for Justice

Peacing it Together!®: The Mosaic Project’s Musical Curriculum & Accompanying Activities is made pos­si­ble by the sup­port of the JAMS Foundation and Philanthropic Ventures Foundation.

This cur­ricu­lum guide includes our music CD, sheet music, and accom­pa­ny­ing expe­ri­en­tial activ­i­ties. It teaches stu­dents (K-6) vital con­flict res­o­lu­tion, social jus­tice, community-building, diver­sity, and peace­mak­ing skills, and sup­ports them in devel­op­ing the social and emo­tional com­pe­ten­cies that are key to their suc­cess in the class­room and beyond.

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If you work with teens, you might be inter­ested in Paul Kivel’s Helping Teens Stop Violence, Build Community and Stand for Justice.

“Teaching about social jus­tice can be very chal­leng­ing. Students, chil­dren and adults alike, may feel fear­ful and per­haps defen­sive when learn­ing about issues of dif­fer­ence, prej­u­dice, and social change. Our music helps to cre­ate a safe, com­fort­able, fun envi­ron­ment in which to explore these issues. It also helps us to reach stu­dents with var­ied learn­ing styles in an expe­ri­en­tial, emo­tional, and multi-sensory way.“
– From Peacing it Together!®’s Foreword by Brett Dennen, Singer/Songwriter and Co-creator of the Mosaic Musical Curriculum


  • Music and lyrics for each of The Mosaic Project’s 11 songs
  • The Mosaic Project’s CD
  • 18 lessons designed to accom­pany The Mosaic Musical Curriculum on themes includ­ing:
    • The Mosaic Values (Mutual Respect, Open-mindedness, Self Respect, Attitude, Individuality and Community)
    • Diversity
    • Empathy
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Interconnectedness
    • Peacemaking
    • Emotional Literacy
  • Experiential activ­i­ties that include music, art, games, role plays, coop­er­a­tive chal­lenges, and extended group projects
  • Creative ideas for inte­grat­ing Mosaic music into a wide range of class­room learn­ing and ped­a­gogy
  • Mosaic Class Meetings overview and sug­gested frame­work
  • Suggested Children’s Literature to accom­pany each song and theme
  • Correlations to the Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL) Standards
  • Children’s Glossary of social jus­tice and con­flict res­o­lu­tion terms

Extensive research shows that music facil­i­tates learn­ing and recall of infor­ma­tion. With the Mosaic songs, chil­dren learn lessons in a fun and engag­ing man­ner that is rein­forced every time they sing, whether in the class­room, on their way home from school, or after they brush their teeth.

Posters are a great accom­pa­ni­ment to our Curriculum Guide.

Praise for Peacing it Together!®: The Mosaic Project’s Musical Curriculum & Accompanying Activities

“Yes! The Mosaic Project has once again made yet another wish come true for peo­ple work­ing with chil­dren. How excit­ing to now have access to this much-requested, com­pre­hen­sive, and dynamic cur­ricu­lum guide! It pro­vides teach­ers with very pur­pose­ful activ­i­ties filled with music, impro­vi­sa­tional games, lit­er­a­ture, and art that help impart to chil­dren a pos­i­tive sense of self, along with tools to help them nav­i­gate our world and develop the desire to com­pas­sion­ately pro­mote social jus­tice!“
– Cindee McMahon, Classroom Teacher; Mosaic Participant


“Wendell Berry said that ‘It is not from our­selves that we will learn to be bet­ter than we are.’ The Mosaic Project proves that by bring­ing chil­dren, youth, and adults together to learn from each other. This cur­ricu­lum con­nects the Mosaic expe­ri­ence to the wider world by bring­ing it to all of us. Creating a sense of com­mu­nity is a seri­ous endeavor in this day and age when we need it so much. The cre­ation of it, though, is best done by play­ing, singing, laugh­ing, and shar­ing — together. I long for the day when these songs and activ­i­ties are part of every class­room, fam­ily gath­er­ing, and staff meet­ing.“
– Laurie Frank, Author, Journey Toward the Caring Classroom


“I still to this day have the songs in my head, over and over teach­ing me these impor­tant lessons.“
– Lydia, Mosaic Student, Age 11


I can’t begin to explain how phe­nom­e­nal your musi­cal cur­ricu­lum is… I’ve never seen a bet­ter way to teach kids the mean­ings of some very com­pli­cated words. Since our school is a social jus­tice school, we make every effort to teach ideas like stereo­typ­ing, empa­thy, dis­crim­i­na­tion, etc. However, I’ve never been able to explain these terms so sim­ply and per­fectly until I heard your songs.“
– Natalee Bauer, 4th Grade Teacher, Mosaic Particpant


“The use of music is VERY effec­tive. Your songs are WONDERFUL parts of the cur­ricu­lum and will have last­ing effect.“
– Lesley Bell, 5th Grade Teacher


“I think the songs are cool and can change the world.“
– Carlos, Mosaic Student, Age 9


“Thanks to The Mosaic Project, youth edu­ca­tors who are pas­sion­ate about social jus­tice now have access to step-by-step instruc­tion to help them infuse their work with chil­dren with their deep­est val­ues. This excel­lent cur­ricu­lum offers fun, con­crete activ­i­ties to teach chil­dren to empathize, resolve con­flicts, cel­e­brate dif­fer­ences, and dis­cover their inher­ent value and the value of oth­ers. This cur­ricu­lum should be required read­ing for every teacher, par­ent, and youth group leader!“
– Pippi Kessler, Director of Rowe Young People’s Camp