Our CD: Children’s Songs for Peace and a Better World

CD: Children’s Songs for Peace and a Better World

Brett playing the Mosaic guitarOur CD highlights our original musical curriculum and includes our well-loved songs about empathy, diversity, conflict resolution, and peace. It won a Children’s Music Web 2004 Award and a Parents’ Choice 2004 Approved Award and has been played on the popular Bay Area radio stations, KFOG and KPFA. It features our very own Resident Rock Star/ Program Director,  Brett Dennen.

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Our Curriculum GuidePeacing it Together!®: The Mosaic Project’s Musical Curriculum & Accompanying Activities, also includes a copy of our CD.

What students and teachers are saying about our music:

“I enjoyed the songs we sang because when I sing those songs it makes me feel all warm inside like there is a little fire burning inside my heart.”    — Thuy, Student

“I still to this day have the songs in my head, over and over teaching me these important lessons.” — Lydia, Student

“I can’t begin to explain how phenomenal your musical curriculum is… I’ve never seen a better way to teach kids the meanings of some very complicated words. Since our school is a social justice school, we make every effort to teach ideas like stereotyping, empathy, discrimination, etc. However, I’ve never been able to explain these terms so simply and perfectly until I heard your songs.” — Natalee Bauer, Teacher

“I have taught my sister all the songs and now she knows them by heart!” — Josefine, Student

“We all join in singing together to make peace among ourselves.” — Chris, Student

“The use of music is VERY effective. Your songs are WONDERFUL parts of the curriculum and will have lasting effect.” — Leslie Bell, Teacher

“I think the songs are cool and can change the world.” — Carlos