The Kazan McClain Partners’ Foundation Youth Leadership Project

FAVORITE YL training

“At Mosaic, for the first time I found myself honestly integrated into a diverse community. Because of this experience, I know what is possible and am inspired to take action toward a more peaceful future.”                                                         — Ariel, Youth Leader

We offer leadership training for high-school and college aged students who serve as mentors for the 4th and 5th graders at our Outdoor School. The Project’s curriculum addresses issues of difference while building leadership skills. Youth Leaders undergo extensive training prior to arriving at the Outdoor School. Once there, the training continues as they serve as cabin leaders for a session, putting theory into practice.

We offer the youth opportunities to participate in events year-round, including discussions, workshops, guest lectures, game days, field trips, and service learning projects. The Project encourages the growth of a vibrant cross-cultural community of youth throughout the Bay Area.

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“I saw kids just adoring their cabin leaders. The age span is perfect and the high schoolers performed beautifully as role models. These relationships make the Mosaic experience especially powerful for the kids.”— Lesley Bell, Teacher


By the end of their participation in The Mosaic Youth Leadership Project, our Youth Leaders will:

have had a fun, memorable, and transformational life experience in a beautiful, natural outdoor setting

have gained valuable experience working with younger students and built leadership and mentorship skills

have developed a multitude of concrete socio-emotional skills


  • recognition, management, and healthy expression of emotions
  • vocabulary and capacity to talk about challenging issues
  • teamwork and cooperation
  • empathy and appreciation for the perspectives of others
  • resilience and self-care
  • communication and conflict resolution tools, including:
    • listening
    • effectively navigating conflict nonviolently
    • understanding and identifying passive, aggressive, and assertive behavior and demonstrating the ability to be assertive
    • being an ally to others and knowing how to prevent and stop bullying

value diversity and have developed concrete skills to thrive and act justly in an increasingly diverse society


  • understanding and being able to identify stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination
  • recognizing and respecting each person’s uniqueness and inherent value
  • feeling confident in navigating culturally diverse contexts
  • being inclusive of others
  • building relationships across lines of difference
  • understanding fairness, privilege, and human rights

have developed their self-efficacy and commitment to creating positive social change


  • have heightened self esteem, self respect, and self expression
  • understand our interconnection and impact on one another and the environment
  • have cultivated a sense of agency and capacity to be an agent of positive change
  • be committed to working towards building peaceful, inclusive communities throughout their lives
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Students Who Came Back as Youth Leaders, at 2008 Fundraiser

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