“Our students’ first experience of the Mosaic Project’s program was when two wonderful Mosaic Project teachers came to their 3rd grade classrooms. They used drama and music to teach tolerance, community building and conflict resolution. They encouraged our students to be leaders in working for peace and understanding within our school community. Our students could hardly wait to go!” — Kate Gallagher, Teacher


In-School Project

We offer the In-School Project (ISP) to deepen and sus­tain the impact of The Mosaic Project’s Outdoor School. Through the ISP, we collaborate with student leaders, educators, and families to build equitable, healthy classroom and school communities. Together, we create an environment that fosters mutual respect, connection, and a celebration of differences and that motivates all members to achieve at their highest potential.

Mosaic’s innovative Outdoor School is outstanding at promoting peace, empathy, resiliency, and conflict resolution among its 4th/5th grade participants. The ISP involves all grade levels as well as families and teachers, and provides leadership opportunities for Outdoor School alumni to put their new skills into action through teaching and modeling Mosaic lessons. With the support of Mosaic staff, the 4th/5th grade Outdoor School alumni take a leadership role in school-wide assemblies; co-facilitate fun, experiential student workshops; and support K-3 students at recess.

Our active, research-based curriculum is introduced as early as kindergarten and continues throughout the grade levels, setting the stage for and reinforcing lessons learned at the Outdoor School. Teacher and family workshops are also an integral part of the program, supporting the entire school in bringing to life the inclusive, just community envisioned by all.

The fun, musical, and experiential quality of Mosaic workshops sets us apart from other social-emotional learning/character development initiatives. We bring the imagination, wonder, and excitement of our Outdoor School into your school. What also sets us apart is our willingness to address social issues within the context of the larger social systems that can perpetuate inequality and segregation.  Finally, our diverse staff enables our participants to experience a powerful team of leaders of various ethnicities, genders, abilities, and backgrounds, and to see glimmers of themselves in these leaders.

The following curricular themes can be addressed through the In-School Project:

  1. Appreciating Differences and the Mosaic Values
  2. Anger Management
  3. Empathy/ Being an Ally
  4. The Mosaic Conflict Resolution Toolbox
  5. Spreading Peace vs. Spreading Poison/ Put Ups vs. Put Downs
  6. Assertiveness

Mosaic students and teachers choose themes for a school-wide focus that supports teachers, administrators and families in collaborating to reinforce the theme across grade levels throughout a semester. This allows an entire school to simultaneously explore one curricular theme in developmentally appropriate ways.

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See how our In-School Project meets California Academic Standards.


By the end of three years of participating in the Comprehensive Mosaic In-School Project:

our partner school’s community will be infused with The Mosaic Project’s core curriculum

  • Teachers, students, and parents will have a shared vocabulary and understanding of key Mosaic topics such as conflict resolution, diversity, and community.
  • The school climate will be more inclusive and appreciative of diversity among students, parents, and teachers.

students will have developed a multitude of concrete socio-emotional skills

  • recognition, management, and healthy expression of emotions
  • vocabulary and capacity to talk about challenging issues
  • teamwork and cooperation
  • empathy and appreciation for others’ perspectives
  • resilience and self-care
  • communication and conflict resolution tools, including:
    • listening
    • effectively navigating conflict nonviolently
    • understanding and identifying passive, aggressive, and assertive behavior
    • demonstrating the ability to be assertive
    • being an ally to others and knowing how to prevent and stop bullying

students will value diversity and have developed concrete skills to thrive and act justly in an increasingly diverse society


  • understanding and being able to identify stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination
  • recognizing and respecting each person’s uniqueness and inherent value
  • being inclusive of others
  • building relationships across lines of difference
  • understanding fairness, privilege, and human rights

students will have developed their self-efficacy and commitment to creating positive social change

  • have heightened self esteem, self respect, and self expression
  • understand our interconnection and impact on one another
  • have cultivated a sense of agency and capacity to be an agent of positive change
  • be more committed to working towards building peaceful, inclusive communities

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For more information about either the Mosaic In-School Project or the Mosaic Professional Development Project please contact us at 510-452-3377 or at gro.t1484740706cejor1484740706pcias1484740706om@of1484740706ni1484740706.